About Us
Pride Industries, Inc. sets its’ self apart from others in the industry, because Pride Industries specializes in fabrication and installation of its’ own architectural metal products in which we market under the name “Ultra Seam.” Compared to most other companies in the metal roofing industry, Pride Industries offers so much more. We are a single source for our customer’s architectural metal roofing and siding needs. We own our metal fabrication equipment and do not absorb someone else’s overhead and mark up incurred during production, resulting in an ultimately more affordable roof system which will last for fifty years and beyond.

As the Manufacturer:
Pride Industries Inc. owns and operates six portable roof panel roll formers, two flush panel roll formers, a commercial gutter machine; and a 5,000 SF manufacturing facility fully equipped to slit, break, and package 10,000-lb. master coils into any shape or sized custom engineered flashing required in lengths up to 21 feet. The roll forming equipment will travel to the job site where 3,500-lb. steel coils are delivered and stored. As the project progresses to the point that it is ready for the architectural metal roofing, Pride Industries will have its on-site manufacturer’s representative operate the roll former, elevated the roof when full length panels greater than 50 feet are required, and observe and advise the approved system installer. The panels are cut in full lengths, eave to ridge, by a computerized guillotine.

As the Installer:
Pride Industries, Inc. currently employs multiple crews of field personnel to install the majority of the products we fabricate. Field employee duties include site preparation, installation of exterior sheathing material, vapor barriers, and various insulating materials. All of which require working from heights, in which case full time fall protection and personal protection equipment are required by company policy.

Once all insulating, air and vapor barriers are in place, the roof panels and related flashings manufactured by Pride Industries, Inc. are then secured directly over the top. Depending on the building footprint, crews of four to eight will install the roof panels laying one sequentially next to the other, securing the panels with the concealed clips and screws to the decking or substrate material. The only field cutting of the roof sheets required is to accommodate a valley or hip condition. Depending on the panel profile, we will utilize our mechanical seamer to fold the panel ribs at either ninety or one hundred eighty degrees.

Typically, a separate flashing crew will follow roofers, installing the ridge cap, hip, and roof to wall cladding. These components require minimum cutting and field fabrication because we attempt to fabricate the trim in precise lengths, always based on field dimensions, thus minimizing waste and product shortages. The waste we do produce is then 100% recycled.

Once the building’s interior is in the dry, the flashing crews proceed to install the remaining trim which can only be reached from boom lifts. The rake, soffit, wall panels, gutter, and downspouts are typically the final stages on the building’s progression. Again, field cutting and waste is kept to a minimum because exact field dimensions are obtained prior to fabrication