Established in May of 1978, Pride began as a commercial insulation company specializing in the application of sprayed on cellulose insulation systems. The next logical step in the vertical integration of the company was to begin offering the K-Span building systems they were insulating to the its’ commercial building services. To adapt to the struggling Economy in the late 70’s Pride began offering replacement and retrofit metal roofing solutions as an option to new construction. Budget conscious Building Owners quickly realize the value-added benefits of extending the life of their building for 25 plus years without having to rebuild or relocate. In 1984, Luke Pride was instrumental in the formation of the Ultra Seam organization, which started from a marketing group and grew into a nationally recognized brand name in the architectural metal roofing industry. Luke served as the first President of Ultra Seam, and provided a path for over a dozen worthy companies, to grow and compete as a Nationally recognized manufacturer of architectural metal roofing products. Bart Pride, Chief Executive Officer joined the company in 2002.. Bart has quadrupled the company’s sales since succeeding to Company’s operations and business development manager. Alison Huffman  joined the firm in 2008 and started managing the company’s bookkeeping demands. Ali now is the President and has started to develop the company’s interests in the North Central Region of Kentucky. The Pride family’s 37 year old fabrication and installation business continues to meet the needs of the metal roofing industry.